At The Early Education Academy in Abington, Massachusetts, you can be sure that your kids will receive the best early childhood education. Read what parents and teachers have to say about us and the quality of our childcare services.

I had toured 5 different preschools before I decided to enroll my daughter at The Early Education Acedemy. I knew instantly that I loved everything about the preschool, from the cleanliness and curriculum but the affordability of the program. You know your child is in good hands. The owner Jessica and staff are always friendly and professional.  I couldn't ask for a better place for my daughter.  Anytime I have a question or concern the owner or one of the teachers are right there to fix it. My daughter started when she was 2.9 years old , attends 2 full time days and In just 2 short months my daughter has improved in her speech more then I could ever have imagined. When she is not at school she talks about going to school. Every time I'm either dropping off or picking up my daughter there is Mrs. Michelle or Ms. Megan on there hands and knees playing with the children. It gives me assurance every time I drop my daughter off that she's in a safe and learning environment. I'm so glad I found The Early Education Acedemy.

-Loren Difederico 

Little Discoveries is a wonderful school. I never dreamed I would find a place with teachers that care about my child as much as I do. Every staff member is amazing, caring, and shows enthusiasm for the work that they do. We love Little Discoveries!! 

-Melissa Thomas

Love the staff! Both of my children enjoy being there. As a working mama I felt safe to leave them and that is what matters! Thank you! 
-Carrie long

Little Discoveries is amazing!! Great place for your early childhood children.
-Kelly Connors

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for checking in! Mom and I were just saying yesterday how happy we are with Little Discoveries! MiaRose's teachers are all amazing. She always lights up when she see's them, and even gives them little hugs. (Melts my heart, lol- I don't even get hugs). 
Little Discoveries is really everything I had hoped for in finding a school for my daughter. I was so nervous to put her into daycare so young, but I didn't have another option because I wanted to go back to work. Now every day when I drop her off I know she's safe, well cared for, learning and happy. It makes my day less stressful to know she loves her school, and the Tadpoles App is the cherry on the cake. I'm very grateful to be included in what she is learning and we all get a big kick out of her pictures. It's nice to be able to share that with family and friends, and brightens my day every time I get one. 

Thank you to everyone who makes Little Discoveries the treasure it is! 


Ps. You are welcome to use any part of this as a testimonial for marketing/website etc Thanks again!!

Thank you to all the teachers, especially the ladies in the infant room, for all you do for my son and all he kids at LDI. Every teacher here is so kind and caring that I am so comfortable having my son in your care. He loves the days he comes to LDI!

 There is no greater relief than knowing your child is loved and cared for while in our absence. Thank you for everything you do.


We truly appreciate the feeling of safety and security we fell everyday when we entrust our most precious treasure in your care. She loves going to daycare. You have no idea how much it means to us to know she is loved, cared for, and so happy when we cannot be with her. Your positions are valuable.

Thank you for all you do each day in caring and loving our little people. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and we are all lucky to have each and every one of you! 
-Miranda Family 

LDI staff are a pleasure. They care about my daughters and the rest of my family. They encourage my daughters to try things as they love to learn. They put my daughters well being as a priority which is important to me as a mom. I can't say enough about how much LDI staff mean to my family.  

Thank you to all the LDI teachers for the care and love that they gave Matthew and Andrew. Thank you for everything that you have taught them. You guys are the best. May the Almighty LORD Bless you all always.
-Matthew/Andrew & Family 

Thank you for doing such wonderful job... the care and attention each of you give the children is appreciated. I leave my children knowing they are in great hands each day. You are helping mold our little ones. 
Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!